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"We increased new business 200% within the first year” using Dots Grow methodologies."


"Our firm solidified our databases and increased referral partners and prospects by 300%, resulting in increased sales."


"In the past, we struggled to secure effective new business teams, the Dots Grow system met and then quickly exceeded our new business goals."


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Learn ways to enhance your career, and potentially your compensation with our time efficient and affordable concept videos, adaptive tools and Q&A podcasts.

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Young Professional Career Builder

Regardless of your title, employers value employees who invite new clients. Find easy ways to enhance your career, and potentially your compensation.

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Managing for New Business

Would you like to see a turnkey system to coordinate all employees to bring in new business and increase your compensation?

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Leaders and New Business Strategy

What if you could follow three simple steps to align your entire organization to bring in the right clients?

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