Doing More with What You Have

In professional services, firms are always looking for ways to do more with available talent.  Frameworks and coaching to enhance your organization’s new client and retention strategies are necessary.    

Tips for Doing More with Available Talent

  • Leadership matters!
  • Take a look at your structure.  
  • Which areas have client contact?

What if you could follow three simple steps to align your entire organization to bring in the...

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Special Edition: "If you want to be a true professional, do something outside yourself."

There are many reasons why Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has led a remarkably successful life, professionally and personally.  

As we perused the numerous articles and programs surrounding her recent passing, the following CNBC production best describes the origins of the quote that is most resounding to our Dots Grow contributors.  Her quote references success in life and career as described to a group of Stanford University...

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Elevating Professionals = Elevating Diversity

Everyone can take a leadership role in elevating professionalism.  Whether you hold a leadership position, a management title, a mid-level role or you are a young professional, firms are always looking for new ways to lead in the market.  “Diversity is not just the talk of today, society continues to strive for real equality that our forefathers envisioned.  Serving all populations is a hallmark of America and can be a winning situation for...

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A Suggested Calendar of Productivity Through 2020

July - Client Goals

Face facts, we are not back to business as usual yet.  Take this month to survey clients and thank them for their business.  Here are a few concept areas to engage with clients in a way that is relevant. 

  • How are we adapting to the pandemic? (List what you have done to accommodate clients and ask for future suggestions?)
  • As educated consumers, what would you like to know about our business? (Follow up with newsletters, webinars,...
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Changes for the World of Work: What You Need To Do Now

Can we work from home and see results?  The overwhelming response is “yes!”  Sure, tech companies are working from home but what about other professionals?  See this article from CNBC.

"Companies in technology, financial services and insurance have invested in remote work tools, and there’s no indication they’ll be returning to the old way of doing business.”




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Can you assist your leadership team by offering Dots Grow resources?

Leadership during reentry is critical to the long term success of businesses. 

Are you a leader of your firm? 

Can you assist your leadership team by offering Dots Grow resources?

Listen to what CEO David Levin, co-founder of digital signage company Four Winds Interactive in 2005, has to say in a recent article in Chief Executive.  


“This crisis is going to pass at...

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Preparing to Reopen Responsibly

How you can prepare your clients and prospects?

While we need to comply with government regulation and company leadership, there are ways we can prepare and add value for clients and prospects.


Keep clients informed with as much specificity as possible

Work with your company to convey:

  • Office reopening dates
  • Specific safety controls, including policies for masks, gloves, social distancing
  • Changes to office hours or rotating schedules
  • Ways in which business...
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Referral Partner Questionnaire

Ask Referral Partners why they refer business to you?  

Thank you for all of your business (through the years, recently).  We were hoping to learn more about what motivates professionals like you to refer business.  Might you have a minute to answer a few quick questions?

  1. What is the primary reason you refer business to any firm?
  2. How does referring business help with your business?
  3. Why specifically do you refer business to me and/or my firm?
  4. Why...
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Assess Time to Saleā„¢

Once again, use the sample of your last five clients.  How long did it take you to secure each client’s business?  Determine how you met each client.  What percentage were referred from one or more referral partners?  Be sure to add specifics for multiple clients in order to see buying patterns.

Now that you understand why and how clients buy, stay tuned for next week’s newsletter to  see how to proceed as we continue social...

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Focus On Preparation!

We continue to hear variations on “What should I be doing as a producer and business development representative during the COVID-19 Pandemic?”

Once you have touched base with all prospective clients, and established a communications plan, why not look for new prospects?

Start with your current client base.  Take a closer look at the demographics of those clients already doing business with your firm.  What do you have in common? 


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