Hear the Dots Grow Founder Speak at the Austin Association of Health Underwriters Professional Day

The Austin Association of Health Underwriters and Presenting Sponsor, Humana, are proud to announce the 2020 Professional Development Day in Austin is approved for 6 continuing education credit hours!

Not only are we approved for 6 continuing credit hours, but we feel the lineup brings new ideas and new information to our attendees. The day includes four hours that have been developed and approved for this event! The two remaining hours have not been delivered in this market before.

Highlights of the speakers are as follows:

Andy Bonner: How Direct Primary Care provides valuable benefits in an inflated industry 

Andy is the founder and CEO of Healthcare2U the nation’s largest Direct Primary Care provider founded in 2013. Direct Primary Care challenges traditional models of how programs are purchased and consumed.

René Massey: Growing Your Business Under Texas Advertising Practices

René is the Managing Partner of Dots Grow a sales, business and management consultancy working with agents to organize and stay competitive in the face of changing market dynamics.

Sarah Borders: Your 2020 Benefits Compliance Strategy

Sarah is the owner of Benefits Compliance Solutions, an Austin based compliance consultancy serving agents in their client compliance needs.

Josh Hoover: Leveraging Technology to Help Your Client and Your Agency

Josh is the Director of Strategic Initiative with Benefit Technology Resources. He is based in the Dallas area. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has a wide breadth of HR Technology.

Reid Rasmussen: Medicare For All

Many of us know Reid as the most recent winner of the Hollis Award, the highest honor bestowed on a member of the Texas Association of Health Underwriters. He is also an award-winning speaker and has a dynamic delivery. Reid is the founder and CEO of freshbenies offering a fresh approach to controlling benefits for your client and their employees.

Louis Malfaro: Medicare for All: A Positive Perspective

Louis is a Texas educator and labor leader. He has served as the president of the Texas American Federation of Teachers. He currently works as a healthcare justice organizer in Texas with the Debs Jones Douglass Institute, a labor funded non-profit dedicated to creating a single payer, Medicare for All system in our country.

There are great sponsorships available for booths. Podium, breakfasts and lunch.

Don’t forget to be a “Friend of AAHU”. This is designed to show your support for AAHU through an individual sponsorship of only $50 to get your name listed and displayed at the event.

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