What should I be doing as a producer and business development representative during the COVID-19 Pandemic?


“Webinars are great but they do not allow me to meet new prospects and move through the business development process.  I still need to assure that my firm stays healthy by bringing in new clients.  How can I find new clients and help existing prospects move forward?” stated one technology company representative. 

“We get most prospects from online requests and in-person meetings.  Online requests are almost non-existent and most meetings are now virtual at least through April.  What should I be doing now?” one association representative confided.

“Decision makers are struggling to stay afloat and are dealing in crisis management right now.  How can I help my clients, and keep an eye on my firm’s new client pipeline and revenue forecasting?  What should I be telling my teams?” an insurance management executive explains.

“I am new to the area anyway and suddenly all of my momentum is lost.  Many of the events I was supposed to attend and first meetings have been canceled.  What should I be doing?” cited one real estate professional. 

All of these questions demonstrate the need to focus on the core of business development.  While timing may be thrown slightly off, producers and business development representatives may need to adjust techniques to the new circumstances.  Below are some steps to consider as your firm makes necessary adjustments. 

  1. Try the comprehensive “Closing From the Beginning” free module at dotsgrow.com/store This module offers the lifecycle of new business and will allow you to apply concepts to your particular firm on a real time basis. 

Consider two key points, employers need to handle operations today and prepare for the near future.  Map out a communications plan for prospects currently in the pipeline.

  1. Create a list of helpful tools your firm offers and provide quick access for prospects now!

  2. Use your best messaging (that language that will distinguish your firm from other competitors in a professional positive manner) while delivering your most helpful tools.

  3. After releasing a series of communications regarding helpful tools, remind clients that a huge part of crisis management is keeping an eye on the near future. Preparation now can accelerate business success once the crisis is behind us. Help clients to see the steps to business preparedness as it relates to your service. 

As an example, selecting the best accountant, insurance agent, real estate management firm, or other professional will assist in making your client more competitive in a time when all companies will be competing for money and clients.

  1. Ask for a brief call to answer any client questions.  People like to feel as though they are connected during social distancing and sheltering at home.  If the client declines, simply offer to be available as a resource. 

  2. Keep your new business process in mind, regardless of new circumstances.

For instance, if you have made contact with the prospective client previously and you are now interested in learning more about possible objections, you have several options.  You can send forward a Q&A, including answers to most common objections, as part of the tools and resources you are extending to prospects and clients.  You could also gently ask questions such as “What would help you the most from our industry after the pandemic?” or “How can we best deliver our services during and after the pandemic?” 

  1. Complete every other step in your new business process, knowing that closing will probably happen after the pandemic is over.

Standing still in and assuming that prospects are too busy will delay bringing on new clients.  Now is the time to build rapport and emphasize professionalism and expertise to prospective new clients!  

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