Connecting with Clients

Connecting with Potential Clients

Over the years, we have seen professional services firms connect with clients in numerous ways.  Each firm should be prepared to address three phases of the client relationship.

How are you participating in New Client Engagement?

Sponsorship and/or Participation in any of the following:

  • Nonprofit Events
  • Community Awards Sponsorships
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Professional Associations
  • Community Associations
  • Industry Associations
  • Media Events & Publications
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Public Relations to allow clients to see what you are doing
  • Advertising to inform potential clients of your specialties
  • Seminars inviting clients to visit you
  • Firm Anniversary Celebrations
  • Firm Awards Celebrations
  • Industry Award Applications 

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Connecting with Existing Clients

Growth is a direct result of your relationship with current clients.  Happy clients come to you for more services. Many current clients even refer new clients. How are you communicating with existing clients?  Best practices for communicating with current clients:

  • A Welcome Letter
  • An Implementation Plan to manage client expectations and set internal guidelines
  • Contact Information by area of expertise so clients can find the right answers in working with your firm
  • Annual Surveys (find out more in our next newsletter!)
  • Regular Testimonial Tools to collect important client data and share with other clients and potential clients
  • Regular Improvement and Feedback Tools to let clients know you care
  • Periodic Calls to Check-In and Prepare Clients for the Future
  • Newsletters and Blogs to share industry information and report firm news
  • Client Forums or Focus Groups for Continued Improvement
  • Written Client Spotlights in newsletters, blogs and even posted in internal employee newsletters to motivate 
  • Client Nominations for community awards 
  • Referrals for new business

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Connecting with Previous Clients

Many firms are hesitant to contact clients who leave.   This is a big mistake! Communicating with clients who leave can offer your firm clues in improving services and offer critical information on your competition.  A certain percentage will even come back, more grateful than ever for your services. Here are some delicate ways to approach former clients.

  • A thank you note with a request for feedback
  • A telephone call, thanking the client and offering prepared questions
  • An anonymous survey, allowing for feedback to an objective third party organization
  • Questions such as:
    • What circumstances led your organization to choose another firm?
    • What did you enjoy most about our level of service?
    • How can we improve?
    • Was there a specific reason or circumstance which resulted in the change?
    • Did you feel you had any recourse or did you have access to other contacts at our firm to resolve the issue? (if applicable)
    • What did the other firm offer you that we could not?
      • If the reason for leaving was due to an area of particular expertise, or the growth of the client, ask for referrals of appropriate clients for your firm.
      • Ask how you and/or your firm might stay in touch (newsletters, periodic phone calls, invitations, etc.).
      • Keep the relationship going!  Relationships and circumstances may change to favor your firm once again.  

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René Massey, New Business Consultant 

René’s new business consulting roles span healthcare, financial services, employee benefits, real estate and construction, engineering, manufacturing, nonprofits, technical consulting, IT and family-owned businesses in various industry sectors.   Her approach is to prepare every level of the organization, communicate internally and externally, and use corresponding tools to attract and retain new business in a sustainable way.  

Speaking Engagements 

If your organization would like to hear from one of our new business consulting experts at an event or meeting, please contact us at [email protected]



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