Focus On Preparation!

We continue to hear variations on “What should I be doing as a producer and business development representative during the COVID-19 Pandemic?”

Once you have touched base with all prospective clients, and established a communications plan, why not look for new prospects?

Start with your current client base.  Take a closer look at the demographics of those clients already doing business with your firm.  What do you have in common? 

Create profiles of most common prospective clients.  An example is provided below:

DGB, PPL Healthcare Prospect Profile

Locations:  An average of 4 locations within 25 miles

Type of Practice:  Specialty practice such as Orthopedic, OB/Gyn, Orthodontic

Decision Makers: Practice Manager and Medical Principals

Average Prospecting Time Until Engagement: 6 months to 1.5 years

The practice is looking for expertise relating to the medical/and or dental field, including experience in dealing with a variety of structures and educational background of staff over time.   Practice Managers are the first primary decision makers for the organization.  Frequently, PMs have long term relationships with professionals assisting the practice with a variety of needs.  Changes will have to add proven value.  Practice Managers look for precise operational and budgetary needs.  Medical decision makers are often not able to take time away from regular office hours and rely on the PMs to screen candidates before a group finalist meeting.  Medical decision makers are often looking for financial guidance including ways to plan for each medical professional’s cashflow and future, employee retention, operational efficiency enhancing profits, and ways to deal with ongoing regulation. 

Successful strategies include

  • Unique promotional marketing packages to Practice Managers and Medical Management teams, designed for name recognition & key messaging
  • Informative articles on current issues via email with a corresponding call to alert the practice you are interesting in creating some dialogue
  • Future event invitations
  • Referral calls from current clients or testimonials sent to the practice
  • An invitation for a “lunch and learn” for staff including lunch at an appropriate time
  • Tools and materials to distinguish your firm from your competition in a positive, professional way

To see how early preparation can help you bring in new clients, try the comprehensive “Closing From the Beginning” free module at  This module offers the lifecycle of new business and will allow you to apply concepts to your particular firm on a real time basis. 



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