Win a Holiday Luncheon for Your Team!

Can you innovate in the following ways to keep up with competition and new market changes?  Which team members or new clients contacts need to be involved?

  • Technology
  • New Outreach Avenues
  • Marketing Materials Alignment to Core Values
  • Unified and Aligned Social Media Messaging
  • Young Professional Messaging Training
  • Publicizing What Your Firm Already Does, With Current Language
  • Applying for Awards in 2020
  • Internal Awards and Motivational Programs for Teams

Take a look at the checklist above for some ideas and document how you have engaged with team members or clients to see the innovation commitment through in the coming year.  Please send all entries to [email protected].

We will select three finalists for a brief telephone interview and select our winner to receive a gift certificate for $500.00 to a restaurant of your choice for a team-building holiday luncheon.

  • You must be a professional services firm to enter.
  • All entries are due by December 15th!
  • You do not have to complete the innovation, simply plan and connect with team members or new client contacts by the 15th.
  • By entering, you are committing to sharing pictures from your event for publication in our newsletter.



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