Innovate Raleigh

We always look forward to hearing the latest at the Innovate Raleigh Summit!  Business leaders and innovation experts first joined at Raleigh Union Station for a series of area innovation updates.  Breakout sessions were designed to demonstrate the walkability and renovation in the warehouse district.  We have taken time since the summit to connect with key speakers and we particularly enjoyed hearing from Andre Blackman of Onboard Health, Dr. Dipak Mahato, Founder of Seachange Technologies, and Margaret McNab, Founder of Freelance League of NC .  All of the speakers were pretty amazing but these companies stood out as representative of the diversity, technology, and workplace changes we must embrace to be successful.

Our Favorite Speakers at the Raleigh Innovation Summit 2019

Can you innovate in the following ways to keep up with competition and new market changes?  Which team members or new clients contacts need to be involved?

  • Technology
  • New Outreach Avenues
  • Marketing Materials Alignment to Core Values
  • Unified and Aligned Social Media Messaging
  • Young Professional Messaging Training
  • Publicizing What Your Firm Already Does, With Current Language
  • Applying for Awards in 2020
  • Internal Awards and Motivational Programs for Teams



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