Preparing to Reopen Responsibly

How you can prepare your clients and prospects?

While we need to comply with government regulation and company leadership, there are ways we can prepare and add value for clients and prospects.


Keep clients informed with as much specificity as possible

Work with your company to convey:

  • Office reopening dates
  • Specific safety controls, including policies for masks, gloves, social distancing
  • Changes to office hours or rotating schedules
  • Ways in which business process may change
  • Your ability to engage in group meetings
  • Your ability to visit client offices
  • Client visits to your offices
  • Personnel changes due to furloughs or layoffs and how service may be affected

Offer Most Common Scenarios in Communications

In our information age, and during a time of great change, clients may need some additional guidance to understand how to apply company policies.  Consider the following common client needs.

  1. How can I review my current contract and learn about other alternatives with the state of the economy?  Who should I talk with?  Who can help me make decisions regarding next steps for changes?
  2. When will you be inviting clients to your offices for meetings?
  3. Will a representative of your company be willing to schedule a meeting at my location?
  4. How will new product application processes be handled now that offices are reopening?

Add Reopening FAQs to your Website

How many times have you attempted to gain services during the COVID 19 pandemic and vendors do not have any mention of COVID 19 changes in procedures?  It is frustrating for existing clients and potential new clients alike.


Offer prospective clients information on your company’s preparedness

A general statement directing prospective clients to the FAQ on your website will provide a contact point, while demonstrating the responsibility and credibility of your company.  Take this opportunity to impress!

Create ways for prospective clients to connect with your company

Map out a general timetable for next steps as your company opens up. 

  • Start with continuing opportunities to connect online or through teleconference and/or video conference
  • Add expected responsible time frames for face-to-face appointments, keeping in mind your new business process (you can always communicate changes if circumstances change)
  • Ask prospects about decision making steps and how each stakeholder might connect given the pandemic and reopening plans
  • Offer the opportunity to present a formal proposal in an appropriate format
  • Look forward to possible conferences or company events, demonstrating your expectation of a long term relationship

Convey timetables and specific ways you can assist to keep the process on track

Show your value by mapping out your new business process and typical prospective client timetables.  Discuss possible delays and practical solutions you might facilitate to assist the client.  Now is a great time to demonstrate your value and trusted relationship to support clients. 

“We recently needed to adjust a life insurance policy to fit new family circumstances.  The pandemic hit right in the middle of our application process.  We could not schedule the lab work at the appropriate time.  Our agent was able to adjust the application dates by delivering applications with signature notations directly to our home.  Later, he asked for an exception in underwriting to make the timetables work.  We were so grateful and truly now understand the need for a dedicated local agent.”

Assure prospects that you are ready to assist at any step along the way

Provide contact information in every email response or communication.  We often see email chains for new business representatives without contact information.  Make your accessibility evident in every communication. 

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