A Suggested Calendar of Productivity Through 2020

July - Client Goals

Face facts, we are not back to business as usual yet.  Take this month to survey clients and thank them for their business.  Here are a few concept areas to engage with clients in a way that is relevant. 

  • How are we adapting to the pandemic? (List what you have done to accommodate clients and ask for future suggestions?)
  • As educated consumers, what would you like to know about our business? (Follow up with newsletters, webinars, and updates to your website.)
  • Tips for serving our clients (Insert what you already do to reinforce your superior service, then ask to do more!)
  • Expert Tip: Engaged clients stay longer and can offer valuable feedback.

August - Vaca Avoids Decay

Most employers readily admit that valued employees are the key reason for business success.  Take a moment to thank your teams for going above and beyond during the pandemic.  Recognize the need for adaptability and staying power.  You might want to consider the following ideas to reward your teams:

  • Since even vacations may be different this year, gather fresh outdoor vacation ideas and coupons and send them forward to everyone
  • Home deliveries of company swag or treats while working from home, or when people must come to the office
  • Employee of the day, week, or month notifications on social media, your website and/or newsletters & blogs
  • Client engagement contests and awards to encourage a “personal touch” with clients, prospects and referral partners during virtual work
  • Expert Tip: People love to feel like they are a part of a team, regardless of work circumstances. Do your part to keep morale up!

September - School is in Session One Way or Another

Recognize the current work environment for clients and team members.  If children go back to school on a limited schedule, there might be disruption.  If they do not go back to school, fatigue or a re-grouping might influence productivity.  What can you do to make sure everyone stays on track?

  • Take a moment in regular meetings to ask if there are challenges to productivity, now and in the remaining months of the year
  • Create workflow teams or offer suggestions for key productivity tips
  • Hold to client standards regardless of the challenges
  • Expert Tip: Being aware of productivity issues and communicating actionable plans are keys to success under any circumstances.

October - Fourth Quarter Financial Goals

Don’t lose sight of financial results.  Excuses do not pay the bills so it is your job to do your part. 

  • Leaders should communicate financial results and goals to employees on a more regular basis during financially trying times. If your business has seen more new clients, communicate your gratitude and encourage your teams to keep up the trend.  If you are losing clients or seeing fewer new clients, take action and communicate new goals and ways to achieve the goals.
  • Managers need to ask leadership to communicate so they can motivate team members. Remember, managers are the most effective communicators between company goals and client-facing actions. 
  • Team members need to be aware that they are inextricably a part of job security. If the company is not holding existing client relationships and building new client relationships, jobs are not guaranteed. 
  • Expert Tip: If every team member understands their responsibility in keeping the company thriving, goals can be more easily reached.

November - Strategic Planning

This year it is more important than ever to look at ways in which your market is changing.  What are the client trends?  Industry trends?  Are you going through the motions or truly keeping up?

Refresh your plan for 2021 in the following ways:

  • Take another look at your stakeholders.  How has the work dynamic changed?  Who are your primary stakeholders and what does each population require to stay productive?
  • How has technology changed the landscape for you and your anticipated workforce.  Will you need to retrain team members?
  • Has your regulatory environment changed? What expertise and workflow teams will you need in place to meet client and internal demands?
  • Do you have a BB Plan?  As Baby Boomers retire, what will that do to your firm’s new business process?  Does your firm have a path to retaining and bringing in new clients?
  • What is your competition doing? Are you keeping up?
  • How is your client base comprised?  Is each segment profitable?  If certain segments are not as profitable as you require, how can you streamline operations or change your offering to make it profitable?
  • What are the differences in what clients needed last year vs. this year?
  • Expert Tip: Don’t be afraid to look at a wide variety of stakeholder and strategic options.  You can always establish short term, mid-term, and long term goals depending upon your stance in the market.

December - Action Plans

Once you have reviewed your strategic options, work with your teams to create actionable priorities.  Be ready for the new year!

  • Which strategic objectives are most time sensitive?
  • Which areas will require more extensive work over time?
  • Will you need to work on multiple priorities simultaneously to stay competitive?
  • Assign each strategic area a leadership and management team to research best practices for each goal.
  • Map out a project management plan for each functional area and strategic goal, paying attention to actions for every level of the organization.
  • Be sure to review progress and deliverables on a regular basis and schedule time in addition to daily work.
  • Reward accomplishments as strategic goals are realized.
  • Expert Tip: Whether you are a leader, or a career-oriented team member, you too can set individual strategic goals. Share your goals with your teams to see a ripple effect on morale and company success!

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Join the Dots Grow Community & Get More! 

With a small monthly subscription fee, or a discount on an annual membership, you can be prepared for a leadership path in professional services firms like accounting, architecture, benefits, engineering, insurance, law, manufacturing, real estate, technology and more.   

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With your Membership, you will receive on an annual basis: 
One free module, Free webinars, Two Modules at 50%, 75% off of the “Graduate Module” after completion of 2 or more modules, Newsletters, Blog access, Podcasts from community FAQs, Practical adaptable tools for your everyday work and the Ability to apply for certification.



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