Tell us more for 2020

Our clients pave the way and we are grateful!  

We know client questions are relevant.  We see the trends, regardless of the professional services industry.  It is our responsibility to segment the knowledge in an organization-wide, digestible way.  Our clients help us along the path by making suggestions, and we take their advice!

  • Segment the information specifically for Young Professionals
  • Consolidate the Business Development and Middle-Management Panels
  • Price so that clients can “kick the tires” before committing to the entire package of solutions (this was a risk for us because one component rarely solves an entire organizational need!)
  • Create a Dots Grow New Business Certification symbol so employers can know immediately that professionals have new business training and awareness.  Make sure the certification in practical and affordable, without a series of highly technical and expensive tests
  • Offer the Executive Level a fail-safe, affordable way to stay on track without countless hours of consulting fees and documentation
  • Allow associations to customize branding and offer member discounts and/or non-dues revenue

We have accomplished all of this for clients in 2019!

Tell us more for 2020:  See some suggestions already underway!

  • Offer more opportunities and a direct path to purchase through your website
  • Use more direct language to explain what the platform can produce
  • Show us the money!  How many of your clients have increased clients as a result of your platform?
  • Contact college students to assure they have more practical knowledge of building new business in a professional services environment

What is your idea?  Email [email protected] with your suggestions.


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