The Shy Professional

You know the stereotypes…  The highly capable professional with a downward glance and an awkward entrance to the latest networking event.  

Span across the room and find the professional who has everybody around, boisterously laughing as the crowd gets larger.  

Who brings in the most business?  Appearances can be deceiving!

In this case, the shy professional became the leading firm representative, increasing the book of business by 30%.  Surprised?  Many leaders of our client firms were surprised!  The shy professional won the day by truly listening to potential clients’ needs and following up with appropriate materials in a timely manner.  Trust was built and clients were assured that they were in good hands.  Either professional could be successful but being the life of the party is not really a requirement of bringing in new clients.  

The experts at Dots Grow are frequently asked about how we look for successful business development characteristics in a professional.  Mainly, people who are interested in client success and complete the appropriate training can build business and secure a flourishing career.  

Unfortunately, most professionals “check the box” with a few continuing education courses and their firm does not have a well-orchestrated system for market research, training, communication and coordination to engage with prospective clients.   

When thinking about professionals in your firm, consider preparing for success in the following ways.

  • Purposeful networking preparation
  • Fostering a culture of listening to identify best clients
  • Further listening skills training to learn about specific client needs
  • A coordinated process and proven materials for effective follow up
  • A list of unique characteristics of your firm, communicated to every employee
  • Understanding how to communicate unique firm characteristics to prospective clients, in person and in writing
  • Awareness of what your competition offers and how you might be different 
  • Usual concerns of clients and how to alleviate those concerns 
  • Avoiding delays and securing new client contracts, simply and efficiently

René Massey,  New Business Consultant, Dots Grow

René’s new business consulting roles span healthcare, financial services, employee benefits, real estate and construction, engineering, manufacturing, nonprofits, technical consulting, IT and family-owned businesses in various industry sectors.  Her approach is to prepare every level of the organization, communicate internally and externally, and use corresponding tools to attract and retain new business in a sustainable way.   If your association would like to have René speak at an industry conference, please contact [email protected]

Speaking of Shy!  

This robot at LA Largest Networking Mixer was anything but shy!  

We were fascinated by all of the uses for this AI friend, from special needs services to office skills to elderly care, and more. Tell us how you might use this life-size AI robot for your business at the Dots Grow blog.

We also enjoyed seeing the LA Chamber representatives, interpreter booths, service organizations and more.

A shout-out to Hawke Media’s team as we explore SEO and content marketing for Dots Grow and our clients. 

Dots Grow was designed to assist each area of your organization with a system for integrating market information, training all employees and communicating internally and externally to gain revenue. 


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