Economic & Market Outlook Q12020

According to the ClearBridge Investments Economic and Market Outlook report for First Quarter 2020, Truck Shipments are one of the 12 historical variables foreshadowing a looming recession.  In this case, Truck Shipments were up by the end of 2019.  To learn more about the ClearBridge report, including comparisons of historical data like S&P 500 Market Crashes vs. Pullbacks, Strength of Economic Expansions, the Yield Curve Spread and the Fed, and more,...

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Client Testimonials

Pricing is reasonable so take a look at our Store page.  Whether you are looking to enhance your career, or your company’s growth and success, there is an affordable option for you.  Your organization can receive discounts for purchasing all panels to ensure a well-coordinated new business effort.

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Tell us more for 2020

Our clients pave the way and we are grateful!  

We know client questions are relevant.  We see the trends, regardless of the professional services industry.  It is our responsibility to segment the knowledge in an organization-wide, digestible way.  Our clients help us along the path by making suggestions, and we take their advice!

  • Segment the information specifically for Young Professionals
  • Consolidate the Business Development and...
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Speaking Engagements

If your organization would like to hear from one of our new business consulting experts at an event or meeting, please contact us at [email protected].


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Win a Holiday Luncheon for Your Team!

Can you innovate in the following ways to keep up with competition and new market changes?  Which team members or new clients contacts need to be involved?

  • Technology
  • New Outreach Avenues
  • Marketing Materials Alignment to Core Values
  • Unified and Aligned Social Media Messaging
  • Young Professional Messaging Training
  • Publicizing What Your Firm Already Does, With Current Language
  • Applying for Awards in 2020
  • Internal Awards and Motivational Programs for Teams

Take a...

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Innovate Raleigh

We always look forward to hearing the latest at the Innovate Raleigh Summit!  Business leaders and innovation experts first joined at Raleigh Union Station for a series of area innovation updates.  Breakout sessions were designed to demonstrate the walkability and renovation in the warehouse district.  We have taken time since the summit to connect with key speakers and we particularly enjoyed hearing from Andre Blackman of Onboard Health, Dr. Dipak...

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Connecting with Clients

Connecting with Potential Clients

Over the years, we have seen professional services firms connect with clients in numerous ways.  Each firm should be prepared to address three phases of the client relationship.

How are you participating in New Client Engagement?

Sponsorship and/or Participation in any of the following:

  • Nonprofit Events
  • Community Awards Sponsorships
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Professional Associations
  • Community Associations
  • Industry Associations
  • ...
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Leadership Priorities and Growth: Survey Results

When we talk to firm leaders and CEOs, we understand how leadership priorities can shift.  Growth is the highest priority in 2019 and 2020 according to the most recent Gartner Business Consulting Survey 

While workforce development is still in the top 5, Company Structural Development ranks second in business priorities.  In other words, leaders need to coordinate talent and efforts to produce business growth.  

Dots Grow does exactly that,...

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The Association Dilemma

Associations are watching a number of key members nearing retirement.  In addition, Young Professionals do not see the need to gather in person to gain industry information.  Professionals are also moving in and out of the industry with career changes.  

Board members and association staff feel a responsibility to membership so there are considerations such as:

  • Budgetary Constraints
  • Searching for appropriate non-dues revenue
  • Member time...
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The Market Storm

  • Have you seen subtle indicators that your industry is changing?

  • Is your company keeping a close eye on industry and local competitive changes?

  • Do you have a leadership team who understands that the market is alive and well, and status quo will not meet the needs of current changes nor changes in the future?

  • Are you losing clients or employees in the wake of current changes or changes in the future?

  • Are you a leader who is not fooled by a momentary calm?

  • Do you see a...
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Join the Dots Grow Community & Get More! 

With a small monthly subscription fee, or a discount on an annual membership, you can be prepared for a leadership path in professional services firms like accounting, architecture, benefits, engineering, insurance, law, manufacturing, real estate, technology and more.   

Visit the store to purchase your membership today, annual and monthly payment options available. 
With your Membership, you will receive on an annual basis: 
One free module, Free webinars, Two Modules at 50%, 75% off of the “Graduate Module” after completion of 2 or more modules, Newsletters, Blog access, Podcasts from community FAQs, Practical adaptable tools for your everyday work and the Ability to apply for certification.



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