Dots Grow Certificate

Our Dots Grow Community tells us you are looking for ways to show your employer how valuable you are, and to become a valued member of the team.

We are here to help!  

The Dots Grow Certificate demonstrates you care about your company, your clients and your work community

Certification is simple to follow and offers career growth potential, regardless of where you work.

The certification results are offered to your employer, so they can see your training and implementation techniques, real proof of value versus passing an academic screening test.

Dots Grow certificates are applicable to every organization. Who does not want quality clients?

What you should do!

  1. Sign up for the Dots Grow YP Career Builder
  2. Complete all three modules, including completion of videos, use of tools and review of podcasts and newsletters.  (Your progress is reported to us!)
  3. Once three modules and corresponding tools are accessed, select one or more ways in which you can improve ongoing communication to bring in new clients.  Some examples might be:
  • Gained permission to change regular activity meeting discussions to look for results
  • Created a networking template for your team to follow and shared the results
  • Worked with your marketing department to enhance messaging to better fit your organization
  • Networked to find and gain new clients
  • Encouraged other parts of the organization to sign up for additional Dots Grow modules to increase internal and external communication and results
  • Fill out the Dots Grow Impact questionnaire for approval.

Once you complete the program, you and your designated leader will be notified of your success. Your designated leader will receive a copy of your Dots Grow Impact answers and you will receive the ability to add the certification logo on business cards, biographies, social media and other communications.  

Take this simple step to build your career today!!


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