Dots Grow Internships

  1. What will interns be doing?

Interns will complete a 6-hour training course to prepare for community events and contact management deliverables.  The course will include:

  • The Dots Grow Story
  • How Dots Grow Works
  • The Dots Grow Culture
  • How We Relate to the Market
  • Procedures for Representing Dots Grow at Events
  • Community and Contact Management Deliverables
  • Dots Grow Hotline for Time Specific Questions

  1. What does Dots Grow do? How long has the company been in business?

Dots Grow trains and organizes staff to assure that new clients are identified and welcomed to the company.  We help companies build upon their own talent base to have a system of understanding market needs while continuously bringing in new clients. Dots Grow is a part of SalesBoost, LLC, a new business consulting firm created in 2003.  For more information, go 

  1. Who should I contact? How should I apply?

Please send your resume with appropriate contact information and work or nonprofit references to [email protected]

  1. What information should I send forward?

Please send all work experience in a resume format with a cover letter including your current GPA and work or nonprofit references.  Please also include a photo of yourself in professional attire.

  1. What are the job requirements? What should I be studying to be eligible?

While there is no area of study requirement, marketing or professional services such as law, accounting, healthcare, engineering and architecture, real estate, and insurance and benefits are our primary industries.  Candidates with a professional and outgoing demeanor, along with attention to deadlines and deliverables, will be considered highly.          

  1. How will I be compensated?

Dots Grow is a results-oriented organization.  We streamline our work to best meet the needs of our clients.  You will be compensated by successful delivery of assigned events during the work week (primarily), community outreach deliverables, and contact management deliverables.  You will not be required to “cold call” at any time.  For more information, please apply by contacting [email protected]

  1. Is the schedule flexible for vacations or working from home?

Yes, all email and telephone-based community outreach and documentation can be performed in a quiet environment from home.  Events will be assigned well in advance.  This internship can provide excellent references and work experience for a concentrated amount of effort with maximum flexibility.  Reliability for events and deadlines are crucial. 

  1. What is the process for applying?

After receiving your application, you will be contacted for a brief telephone interview or receive a written explanation of what other types of positions we might suggest.  References will be contacted next.  Upon acceptance of references, candidates will be contacted for a second video interview.  All candidates will be treated with respect and will be contacted, regardless of the outcome of the interview.

  1. Will professor references be acceptable?

One professor reference is acceptable, but we would also like to hear about how you have worked with teams, at work or in longer-term nonprofit volunteerism.

  1. How many interns will you need?

Currently, we will need at least two interns per market.  Should your performance be exceptional, there is the potential for long-term internships and possibly a position if business grows substantially in your area. 


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