Dots Grow Keeping On Track Expertise

Our Dots Grow community is impressed with the amount of information and results we can deliver to various levels of the organization in a cost-effective, flexible manner.  Remote locations and busy professionals can benefit, and the tools allow for internal and external communication.

Why then, should there be a need to keep on track?  You know the answer, we are all so busy meeting client needs, operational necessities, talent management and financial goals,  it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on an organization-wide approach to bringing in and retaining new clients!

We built Dots Grow to cut down on costly consulting arrangements historically designed to report issues and solutions that you must find time to facilitate.   We saw trends and created an organizational blueprint for continued growth.  Organizations may still periodically require a focused eye on new client growth and retention, without engaging in costly consulting arrangements.  Dots Grow Keeping-on-Track experts can arrange virtual meetings, or in-person meetings, once a month or quarterly at affordable rates.

Prices are Transparent, and Experts are Available!

  • Virtual Keeping-On-Track is $250.00 per hour
  • In-person Keeping-on-Track is $1,000.00 per meeting for up to 2 hours per visit

For more information, contact [email protected] or call1-888-368-7475.


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