Managing for New Business

As we have worked with  numerous firms over the past twenty plus years, we saw strong trends. Workforces are changing. Many leaders feel that past success = future success. Other leaders have no experience with changing markets and competition. You are caught in the middle. What is a manager to do?

  • Learn how to attract and motivate young professionals
  • Create "fresh eyes" for your industry and competition
  • Gain knowledge for coaching vs. technical training to enhance your career
  • Make team engagement a normal, easy part of your day
  • Have a self-monitoring system for bringing in new clients while increasing your compensation

Take a break from traditional training and seminars and look to experts who condensed what we learned so managers can digest information and tools while maintaining daily activity. "Dots Grow shifted my perspective and gave me a fresh approach to lead my teams. It was simple, yet effective," said one regional engineering manager.

"Whether you invest in your own personal brand and career, or use a portion of your company's training budget, this is well worth the minimal financial investment and time!" A Healthcare Executive

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