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We learned from consulting with companies and organizations, large and small. There was something missing in the way they prepared for growth.

  • New Business or “sales” training was an exercise, or a boondoggle
  • Consulting helped in the leadership arena but did not coordinate the entire organization
  • Most efforts were disjointed, and therefore did not achieve results

We heard from clients over a large expanse of time and geographical area.  There was a need for a coordinated new business system….

  • Based in technology but not an isolated “app”
  • Easily accessible to a widespread employee population
  • Simple to use and apply in daily practice
  • Available for multiple levels in the organization or company & sensitive to different viewpoints
  • More than a “one and done” training
  • Extending beyond a new initiative, management training, coaching & exercises to a working system
  • Adaptable to each organization’s structure and culture
  • Sustainable over time
  • Affordable


The Mechanics

  • Nano-learning concept videos explain to each level of the organization how they should be motivated and how they should invite best clients
  • Adaptable tools have been tested and perfected inside companies and other types of organizations.  You can adapt them more to your culture, or you can ask us to customize them for you!
  • Ongoing blogs and surveys from our community of users direct podcast and newsletter content to deepen the experience and provide real-time techniques for users.


  • Dots Grow reaches executives, business development teams and young professionals, all requiring specific knowledge to bring in new clients.  
  • Interactive communication tools are designed to open dialogue and document key indicators for success.
  • Dots Grow certifications allow the entire organization to plan for leadership succession and career growth, as the organization grows.
  • Dots Grow podcasts provide information on changing market expectations so your organization does not have to wonder if training is outdated or stagnant.
  • If you need help getting started, or if you would like an ongoing status check, our Dots Grow Keeping-On-Track program is an affordable way to access the experts.

Pricing is reasonable so take a look at our Store page.  Whether you are looking to enhance your career, or your company’s growth and success, there is an affordable option for you.  Your organization can receive discounts for purchasing all panels to ensure a well -coordinated new business effort.


"We have never had anyone provide the level of expertise that Dots Grow brought to our marketing organization."     

Managing Partner
ccounting Firm

"Our teams are finally knowledgable and working together to increase revenue."    

Mergers & Acquisitions Firm

"Dots Grow helped us expand new markets, identify best messaging, and increase revenue in a few short months."    

Managing Principal
Technical Consulting Firm

"As a young professional, I was taught to network and understand my profession only. Dots Grow connected every dot in a simple easy to use way to increase new business."    

Young Professional
IT Consulting Firm

"They saved us tens of thousands of dollars in marketing costs. Our strategy to use a lead product was not valid in the market."    

Retail Business Owner



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