Leadership and New Business Strategy

You have teams to bring in new business. Do you have the market data, leadership, and investments to adapt to future client needs and a changing workforce?  Our time efficient and affordable concept videos, adaptive tools, Q&A podcasts, and Keeping on Track system are a dream come true for busy executives! The Leadership and New Business Strategy Panel includes 5 modules.

The purchase of this panel includes the following: 
  • Organizational Alignment to Create Revenue Generation Module

  •  Necessary Investment for Revenue Growth Module

  • Creating Meaningful Revenue Generation Goals Module

  • Navigating Market Changes Module

  • Leadership as a Sales Tool Module

  • plus 2 -3 corresponding interactive tools per module

  • plus monthly FAQ podcasts

  • plus newsletters

  • plus the Dots Grow Community

Or you can purchase individual modules separately for $275 each for the first year. Every module offers adaptable tools, FAQ podcasts throughout the year, and newsletters and blogs to assure your team has the knowledge and timely prompts to compete with new market information on an ongoing basis.


Join the Dots Grow Community & Get More! 

With a small monthly subscription fee, or a discount on an annual membership, you can be prepared for a leadership path in professional services firms like accounting, architecture, benefits, engineering, insurance, law, manufacturing, real estate, technology and more.   

Visit the store to purchase your membership today, annual and monthly payment options available. 
With your Membership, you will receive on an annual basis: 
One free module, Free webinars, Two Modules at 50%, 75% off of the “Graduate Module” after completion of 2 or more modules, Newsletters, Blog access, Podcasts from community FAQs, Practical adaptable tools for your everyday work and the Ability to apply for certification.



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