Managing For New Business

Even seasoned managers need to hear the latest market trends and human resources dynamics. Key concept videos can offer you access to latest ways to keep in touch with clients and team members. Sample forms, process, and Q&A formats allow you to customize concepts to your business.

The purchase of this panel includes the following: 
  • Establishing and Meeting Realistic Goals Module
  • New Pipeline Management Module
  • Attracting and Managing Talent Module
  • Target Markets: Now and In the Future Module
  • Managing Up for Organizational Alignment Module
  • plus 2 -3 corresponding interactive tools per module
  • plus monthly FAQ podcasts
  • plus newsletters
  • plus the Dots Grow Community

Or you can purchase individual modules separately for $275 each for the first year. 

Every module offers adaptable tools, FAQ podcasts throughout the year, and newsletters and blogs to assure your team has the knowledge and timely prompts to compete with new market information on an ongoing basis.


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