YP Career Builder

You have gained the necessary education and secured a job. Now what? 

In our years of experience mentoring and training young professionals, we understand...

  • Few companies clearly outline possible career paths.
  • There is a difference between learning and completing assignments and building a career.
  • Mentors can be hard to find, or inconsistent due to work demands. One mentor may not be enough.
  • Be a real active part of your team through simple steps.
  • FInd a greater sense of community and collaboration at work.

Dots Grow understands how organizations become pleasantly surprised when YP's contribute to inviting new clients. For you, this could mean faster promotions and higher compensation.

How can you prove your commitment?

  1. Boost your career, personal brand and resume by completing a simple time-efficient certification through Dots Grow. You can afford it! You will have proof of your commitment to take to your manager! You will have valuable career training!
  2. Contact your manager, human resources and/or senior leadership to see if you are eligible for affordable practical training where you do not have to leave your job, the content is simple and straightforward, and you can use ongoing tools and podcasts over time.
  3. Speak with your professional association to see if they offer Dots Grow discounts. If your association requires more information, please contact [email protected] and she can arrange for a demonstrations and appropriate documentation.

Dots Grow Certificate

The Dots Grow Certificate demonstrates you care about your company, your clients and your work community

Certification is simple to follow and offers career growth potential, regardless of where you work.

The certification results are offered to your employer, so they can see your training and implementation techniques, real proof of value versus passing an academic screening test.

Dots Grow certificates are applicable to every organization. Who does not want quality clients?

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